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Residential service providers are a special breed. In order to provide for the needs of homeowners it is necessary to be polite, helpful, hard working, and knowledgeable of your field. Bad days are not an excuse to be rude to your customers. Those who work for us know that and they also know that they were selected to work for us based on their previous track record of success and customer service reviews. Not only can we prove this track record with outstanding review but we keep our customer close by recommending them as well such as Avondale plumbing . We look for more than just the ability to do the job, its how our people do it and how they treat our customers that is important to us.  

There are a lot of contractors that are considered to be good at their jobs, but there are only a select few who make enough of an impression on their customers that they are asked for by name on any future business. Those are the men and women who work for us. An Avondale electrician representing our company, wearing our logo, and displaying our name on their truck, is a hand-picked employee of one of the highest rated electrical service and repair companies in Arizona. We worked hard to earn our reputation and those who work for us now are expected to maintain it. 

Whatever your current needs are, we can provide for them. Avondale Electrical Services offers repair, installation, inspections, maintenance, and safety checks. We work on home appliances, HVAC, wiring, and cable. If you are building an addition or renovating your home, we have the skill and experience to assist your contractor with the electrical end of the construction. Builders need a licensed electrician to do the wiring and installation of appliances and fixtures. It’s required by Arizona law. 

Our goal is to always provide exemplary service and quality work to our customers, all the time. We keep our prices affordable so that those who want to do a little extra can afford it. We also don’t consider any job to be too small or too large for us. Our technicians are as happy to come over and do the wiring for your new computer or home entertainment system as they are enthused about setting up the networking and electrical cables for a new multi-story office building. We have the manpower to do either. Give us a call on any project you might have in mind and we’ll be happy to provide you an estimate for an electrician in Avondale AZ.

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