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If you live in Avondale, West Phoenix, Glendale, Peoria, or Sun City, the neighborhood electrical repair and installation specialist to call is Avondale Electrical Services. We provide the very best in troubleshooting, repair and maintenance of any wiring, appliances, HVAC, or security systems. We also maintain and repair smoke and fire detection systems. 

The services we now have available are more in tune with what the residents and businesses of the 21st Century require. Unlike in the past when we did mainly wiring and appliance installation, we now have a full range of networking and electronics installation options available. These include computer networks for the office and home entertainment system installations. We offer both. 

Telephone wiring and repair has also become a more common service requested by our customers in the past decade. Dozens of new phone companies have opened up in the past ten years and many of them require that you run your own inside wiring to take advantage of their services and lower prices. Do you know where the utility company’s wiring ends and yours begins. An electrician in Avondale AZ can help. 

Wiring for cable television is another of our more modern service options, along with wiring for HVAC units and outdoor lighting. Those underwater lights on the pool might need a little work some time and the spotlights out back can be modified to prevent them from attracting more bugs. These services are all available from Avondale Electricians.  

Finally, the electrician you use when you’re doing a renovation or building an addition to your home has to be licensed and insured, even if he’s subcontracting from a building construction company. Once gain, Avondale Electrical contractors is the company to call. We’ve been working with the contractors in our area for decades and we have the experience and reputation that you’re looking for.  

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